The VitalCALL Essence Voice Panic Detector (VPD) is an ideal add-on solution to add extra protection while in the home. Activate the device using voice, pressing the button, or pulling on the cord. Paired with the Essence Base Unit, an alert is sent to our 24/7 Australian based Emergency Response Centre via the 4G network.

This alert is then followed by a call from one of our team members through the base unit who will organise assistance if needed.

Please note: The VPD unit must be paired with a VitalCALL Essence Base Unit.

Voice Panic Detector
Voice Panic Detector


  • Prominent Emergency Call Button and Pull Cord trigger
  • Battery Life – up to 2 years
  • Intelligent Voice Activation
  • Can be activated by Voice, Emergency Call Button or Pull Cord
  • Device can be located around the home to add extra protection
  • Can be setup on desk or mounted on wall
  • Water resistant for installation in shower or bathing areas
  • Dimensions: 95mm x 95mm x 42mm (L x W x H)

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Who Should Use the Essence Voice Panic Detector (VPD)?

The VitalCALL Essence Voice Panic Detector can be activated by Voice, Pressing the Emergency Call Button, or Pulling the Pull Cord so it is useful for those who may have trouble using or wearing a Pendant.

Does the Voice Panic Detector Use the Mobile Network?

The Voice Panic Detector (VPD) does not communicate directly with the 4G network and must be paired with the Essence Base Unit to function.

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