Brochures, Catalogues & VIDEOS

Welcome Flyers

An outline of important things you need to know when you sign up for VitalCALL.

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VitalCALL – General Overview

VitalCALL – Features and Maintenance

VitalCALL – Testing Your Pendant

VitalCALL Emergency Response – General Overview

Pearl Advanced Pendant Information

Personal User and Family Brochure

An outline of the VitalCALL service, how it works and client testimonials on the service. Perfect for customers, health professionals and family members that want to find out more about VitalCALL and how it works.

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VitalCALL GO Pendant Brochure

The VitalCALL GO Pendant allows you the freedom to use your pendant in most places outside the home.

VitalCALL GO Brochure

VitalCALL – Seven 4G Setup Guide


VitalCALL DVA Catalogue (PDF)